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American Ghost Jack Manhwa also known as (AKA) “American幽灵杰克 ; American幽靈傑克 ; Jack, The American Ghost ; Американский призрак Джек ; 아메리칸 유령잭 ; アメリカンゴーストジャック ; 吓不走的爱人 ; 詭戀 ; 诡恋”. This Completed webtoon was released on 2013. The story was written by Han Ji Hye and illustrations by An Jeong Eun. American Ghost Jack webtoon is about Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural story.
American Ghost Jack Manhwa – Summary Go-Eun Ma has helped run the family’s haunted house since she was a child, even since her mother passed away tragically years ago. But over time, the exhibit has become run-down, tired and has few visitors, and is set to be demolished within the year. To help prevent this fate, Go-Eun hatches a plan – she’ll travel to America to visit the notorious Ghost Jack’s House, where staying for 15 days gets you a massive million dollar prize… that is, if you manage to survive and stay in Ghost Jack’s House.

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