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Gilgamesh Manhwa also known as (AKA) “Aeneulg Eun-i ; Эпос о Гильгамеше ; 애늙은이 ; 若年寄〜不老不死の男〜”. This Completed webtoon was released on 2015. The story was written by Hwan Daeng and illustrations by Hwan Daeng. Gilgamesh webtoon is about Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural story.
Gilgamesh Manhwa – Summary Tludia was on her way to become a Knight within the Order when she was unexpectedly kicked out for breaking too many weapons and – wait for it – eating too much. But that doesn’t mean she should stand idly by when she witnesses an old man about to be attacked by a band of robbers. Luckily for her – because she was a second too late – the old man did not need saving. It’s Tludia that needs saving. Much older than his appearance suggests, Tludia rekindles a long lost memory in him, and he decides to repay her for her efforts by finding a cure for her disease (with promises of food, of course). Thus begins their journey to bring life to one, and long-awaited peace to the other.

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