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Marchen – The Embodiment of Tales Manhwa also known as (AKA) “Märchen – The Embodiment of Tales ; Maluhan: Guhyeon Donghwa Jeon ; Мэрхен: Воплощение историй ; 마루한 구현동화전”. This OnGoing webtoon was released on 2014. The story was written by PARK Sung-Woo and illustrations by PARK Sung-Woo. Marchen – The Embodiment of Tales webtoon is about Action, Comedy, Fantasy story.
Marchen – The Embodiment of Tales Manhwa – Summary Märchen is a young man who was saved from the brink of death by a martial arts master by infusing her Ki into him. However, things take a turn when Märchen has no interest in fighting and aims to live a peaceful life. His “Master” then decides to make use of his ability to become stronger simply by reading tales and absorbing the techniques used in them. She introduces a huge library, filled with all kinds of books that record different forms of martial arts and techniques, to him. Märchen picks up a book and begins to read…

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